Crappie Fishing Lures

If you are ready to step up your fishing you will usually catch more fish using artificial baits rather then using live bait. Of course this statement is based on knowing what artificial lures to use. When you are fishing for pan fish smaller is better. Look for lures in the 1/4oz or smaller size.

List of pan fish fishing lures to use:

  • Curly Tail Jigs
  • Marabou Jigs
  • Weedless Spinners, (they have a jig attached) smallest you can find
  • Willow Leaf Blades: Silver Colorado Or Gold Blades

The above listed lures can be bought at any department store, bait shop, or online . Most of these artificial baits can be purchased for very little. Make sure when comparing prices that you compare prices for artificial baits in the 1/4oz or smaller range.

Suggested ways to use these crappie fishing lures:

When fishing a curly tail Jig, use a uniquely designed jig head with screw lock from Cabella's. It takes your bait to the bottom where the big ones are. It allows you to thread a plastic tube, or split tail onto the corkscrew and hook it through the tail. The innovative flat-bottom jig head helps the hook stand up at a 60deg angle. Your hooked bait stands up straight off the bottom and is free to move about. I recommend you use purchase and use a Karlins Lunker Curly Tail. This jig is a good choice to use when using a slip bobber rig.

When fishing Marabou jigs use the 1/8oz or 1/4oz size. A good way to fish this lure is use a slip bobber , place a split on the line so the jig falls to a set depth.

When fishing Weedless Spinner baits use the 1/16oz size . Use this bait when fishing low water visibility muddy or murky water.

When fishing the Willow Leaf Blade jigs, fish the lure very slow, again I repeat slow. If you use the 1/16oz jig, the hook will bend before you loose your jig, you can use over and over again. The larger sizes work well but they break the line when snagging. Also , put on a Karlins plastic tube Curly split tail 2" in length.

There are no guarantees that you will catch crappie with the lures shown above, but if you stick with purchasing small crappie fishing lures you up your chances of catching a good batch of crappie.

Well, good luck and good fishing!

Mark Fleagle is the owner of oldfishinghole.com Mark Is a dedicated fisherman with 30+ years of experience and has published numerous articles on fishing. He offers free fishing information and "how to articles at his websites. Visit his site at oldfishinghole.com and download a free copy of his "78 fishing discoveries unleashed". You can also contact him his e-mail address admin@oldfishinghole.com

By Mark Fleagle

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Selecting Sunblock For Your Fishing Vacation

No fishing vacation should ever be ruined by sunburn or sunstroke. No matter what the weather conditions are, exposure to the suns ultra violet rays can cause serious problems for anglers. The key is to be familiar with the sunblock products that are available and to know what kind of weather conditions you will encounter on your fishing trip.

Many people still get sunblock and suntan lotion confused. Sunblock is designed to actually block the suns harmful rays. This means that if you use sunblock, you will not be working on your tan. Save the tanning for another day. Instead work on having a safe fishing adventure.

For most outdoor activities a sunblock with a rating of SPF 30 or higher is recommended. SPF 15 will give you minimum exposure, but most fishermen will be out in the sun for an extended period of time and therefore should use a SPF 30 or higher rating.

Check the label to see which of the suns rays are blocked. There are two types of sunrays to consider. There are UVA and UVB rays and both can be harmful to your skin. Purchasing a sunblock that blocks both of these rays will of course give you maximum protection. The SPF rating refers to the UVB rays, so you will be looking specifically for mention of the UVA rays.

Another important thing to consider is whether your sunblock is sweatproof or waterproof. I would highly recommend you purchase a sunblock that is sweatproof, especially if your fishing vacation will entail much physical activity like walking streams or using a fishing charter. You won't know your protection has sweated away until it is to late, so take the extra precaution in a block that won't wash away easily.

Lastly I would recommend choosing the spray-on sunblock versus the traditional creams or lotions. It tends to be less messy and more importantly you won't get a large amount on your fingers and hands. This means less transfer of the sunblock to your fishing bait, spinning lure, or fishing flies. Keep in mind that fish have not been known to eat sunblock for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Your fishing vacation can be more enjoyable when you take the time to purchase and use a good sunblock. Also consider a light long sleeve shirt and wide brimmed hat for extra protection. In combination, these items will keep your fishing trip free of nasty sunburns.

Fishing vacations can be best enjoyed when the proper sun blocking precautions are used. This is especially true when you are spending much time on the water, like with a fishing charter. More fishing vacation information is available at http://www.thefishingbobber.com

By Dean Carl

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